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Gardener, artist, writer, walker, atheist, disciple of the Buddha, heathen at heart, vegan, gay, pacifist, realist, nature and yoga: In all I seek the middle ground.

To say I love him, and the countertenor voice in general, is an understatement. If I could go back thirty years, this is the life I would aim for: simple, rustic, with a counterpoint of wordliness. This music  is medicine to me. It makes me feel alive inside (not dead), hopeful, with a hint of regrets, like a bare november waiting for snow,  not entirely unpleasant really.


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Philippe Jaroussky - Verdi prati

From Alcina by Georg Friedrich Händel (1735)

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Verdi prati, selve amene,
perderete la beltà.
Vaghi fior, correnti rivi, 
la vaghezza, la bellezza
presto in voi si cangerà.  

Verdi prati, selve amene,
perderete la beltà.
E cangiato il vago oggetto
all’orror del primo aspetto
tutto in voi ritornerà.

Green meadows, lovely woods,
You will lose your beauty,
Pretty flowers, rapid brooks,
Your charm and beauty
Will soon change.
The beautiful object has changed,
To the dismay of the first glance,
Then everything will return in you.

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I tried the “Life Hack” I saw over here about growing bok choys from the cut off bottoms; It works! If it can send roots in the water, I will transplant it in soil. I’ll keep you posted. This is only two weeks growth worth.
Otis Taylor - Live Your Life

Otis Taylor - Live Your Life

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I hope I have the guts to do something like this when I’m an old man, maybe even for free. I may not wait to be old. It’s a fun project to think about.
Different moods of white/ Black Lotus Flower, by Bahman Farzad.

“This is what I miss… not something that’s gone, but something that will never happen.”

—   Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye.

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Black Boys/White Boys, from the movie version of the musical Hair.

I’ve had that song playing in my head for days!

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710–1736) - Laudate pueri Dominum: VI. Gloria Patri

Laudate pueri Dominum: VI. Gloria Patri, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi; Philippe Jaroussky, Diego Fasolis, I Barocchisti

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Life update:

1. If my brain would quiet down, I’d be happier.

2. I’m planning my next move which is encouraging since I have been feeling stagnant at a dead-end lately. I want to go somewhere new. So I’m setting my aims further east than Quebec City, possibly close to water (the Saint-Lawrence river), if only for a couple of months some time next year. Fingers crossed.

Writing update:

1. I’m working on five, yes five, poems for my English writing blog. This much productivity, even sporadic, is new for me. I like it.

2. My story in French is slowly progressing. There could be improvements on that front.