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Gardener, artist, writer, walker, atheist, disciple of the Buddha, heathen at heart, vegan, gay, pacifist, realist, nature and yoga: In all I seek the middle ground.

A Fey Fate

The anonymously sent prompt for this story was: “In a park during midnight, waking up with a lover, or breaking the laws of physics?” I finally wrote it. I’m satisfied with it given my brain fog. I loved writing it, plus it is giving me the opportunity to practice my written English. (Reblogging myself because the story was requested here.)


"Which way do we go?

-Where do we go you mean?

-I don’t understand.

-Take my hand and we step on the morning side of midnight, from there, on. Kiss me goodbye,  we step back on the evening side where this ends. I choose you, but you, lovely ephemeral man, decide if there is a day ahead of us.”


On a park bench, two lovers wake up: One, puzzled by his fate, one, willing captive by his’.

Two lovers, waking up on this side of midnight, doomed and blessed by one  simple choice: A sunrise or a sunset.




                             Fortin Cormier, april 23, 2014

Word processors

Is Open Office good? I don’t want to spend hundred of dollars on Microsoft Office. How about WordPerfect, there’s a 99$ version available?

Does anybody know anything about word processors?

As you can see, you can get very close. I took these pictures a couple of years ago. I could almost reach and touch them.

The Canada geese are back.

That means watch where you step, they make a mess and some don’t even move away when you approach, you have to walk around.

Going for a walk in the park to reflect on the passage of time.

Or thinking about getting older, then I’ll have some cake.


Ken RokoRaging Bull 02: Giclee Fine Art Print 13X19


Ken Roko
Raging Bull 02: Giclee Fine Art Print 13X19

Writing to the song of birds feels great!

Every year, a pair of song sparrows nests inside that streetlight. They just made it back.The male has a very nice voice. I love having tea with him around like this afternoon. They provide my own live wildlife documentary. From territorial fights, to mating, sometimes two or three broods (clutches?) a year, all happening in front of me. Tragedy also, like a couple of years ago when the previous male was caught by a merlin falcon as I was watching. That streetlight is prime realestate. No predators can get to the chicks: sterlings and crows have tried and failed. Good job cute little neighbors.

(The song sparrow picture was found here.)

The monday between Chocolate Day and Earth Day is My Day which was a monday that day too.