The Thingness of Things

Gardener, artist, writer, walker, atheist, disciple of the Buddha, heathen at heart, vegan, gay, pacifist, realist, nature and yoga: In all I seek the middle ground.

A cucumber the length of my forearm…

When you can’t even compete with vegetables…

You know you’re not a big guy. To give you an idea, think Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe, and you have a good estimate of me physically.

…and a beet bigger than my fist.

“PHOSPHORESCENCE. Now there’s a word to lift your hat to… to find that phosphorescence, that light within, that’s the genius behind poetry.”

—   Emily Dickinson (via observando)

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Nice Thoughts Challenge

Say 5 nice things about yourself and tag 10 [or more] of your followers you want to participate, though no one is obligated. Everyone else is encouraged to give it a go too! Happy blogging~

1. I am an autodidact. I learned to write (creatively), paint, and draw on my   own.

2. I treat people like people.

3. I have a green thumb. Gardening is my biggest passion.

4. I have eclectic taste: From JK Rowling to Samuel Beckett; Theatre to sappy gay romance.

5. I am a simple, no fuss kind of guy. A picnic of tea and cookies in a parc would be a great date for me.

I was tag by biodyna. I don’t tag but I encourage you to participate. With all the awful news these days, we could all use nice thoughts!


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Shallots from my garden, over a hundred of them, and they are sweet and delicious. I’ll eat some. I’ll plant the suvivors after frost. If they live through winter, I will have fresh green onions first thing next spring.

I did ask for it!

One more story to go.

I was prompted to write a very short story. The theme? Kafkaesque!

It may take a while, but It will be written.

It’s a good thing my English is improving and I no longer need to think in French first, then “translate” everything because that would have been challenging to say the least. That is also why I enjoy getting Prompts, they push me out of the familiar and comfortable. For an artist, this is valuable.

"Words, strung together, like prayer flags."
Fortin Cormier, august 17, 2014
(Requested anonymously.)

This is the thirty-second experiment of Naviar Haiku. Participants are to complete the task by Wednesday the 20th August and post a track inspired by this haiku poem on Naviar’s Soundcloud group Naviar Laboratory:

Haiku poem by Fortin Cormier (

Picture by 55Laney69 (


Somebody (Carlos R) took the time to write music inspired by my poem. This feels good to me given that it took me so long to get to a point I could say I love what I am doing with my life. One step, and it is a nice one for a change.


April Wind  (1952)
Andrew Wyeth


April Wind  (1952)

Andrew Wyeth

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